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Let us help you find the right roof!

For a roof that complements the architectural design of your home and provides you with the low-maintenance longevity you need, choose an asphalt roof from Rebuild Texas. We are proud to serve Houston, Temple, Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and we offer financing options that come with fast approvals and no prepayment penalties. Take the first step towards finding the right roof for you.

TPO Roofing

For homeowners and commercial properties owners who are interested in conserving more energy and saving more on energy bills, a TPO roof is one of the best options. TPO roofs have a white surface that reflects the sunlight, helping to reduce heat gain in your home or building, and saving you more on your energy bills. TPO roofs are also long-lasting and durable. Rebuild Texas can help you with any TPO roofing need you have, be it repairs, maintenance or new installation.

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